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Easy Bitcoin.

In our first article we described the basics of how Bitcoin and its blockchain work. In this article we want to give you some basic information on buying, using and managing your crypto wallet. Bitcoin becomes easy with the tools we have available today let's start by understanding where you can buy it.

  1. At an online exchange such as Coinbase, Binance and many others you will find on the internet. You will first need to register with your details and then transfer the necessary funds from your bank account to the exchange account in order to be able to convert fiat money to cryptocurrency and easy Bitcoin becomes a reality.
  2. At a Bitcoin ATM like Cryptobellos , here it's even simpler, after registering you will have to choose which cryptocurrency to buy, enter the money you want to convert and the transaction is over. Here Bitcoin becomes even easier the transaction is done in person at the first Cryptobellos Atm near you.
  3. You can transfer Bitcoin in person to an acquaintance, you can exchange Bitcoin from one wallet to another, although this method carries risks, especially if you don't know the person you are exchanging Bitcoin with.

All transactions done with Bitcoin become easy because; you can exchange them immediately without waiting for a bank to open, there are no limitations on value nor minimum or maximum amount, you can send them worldwide without barriers.
Bitcoin is cryptographically protected however to protect your privacy you will need to make some effort, while there are no credit cards involved protecting your wallet and private keys is quite simple if you use simple rules which we will look at in a future blog article. Bitcoin easy if you protect yourself properly and secure your private keys, Bitcoin easy if you rely on known exchanges or certified ATMs.
Bitcoin easy if you want to transfer to another wallet you just need to know the public key of the destination address and proceed to send.
How can I spend my Bitcoins? Easy, there are several services you can now pay for with Bitcoin and you can find them listed on some websites that accept not only Bitcoin but also cryptocurrencies that are popular and highly capitalised. In the last few years there have been more and more companies accepting payments in Bitcoin and the number is constantly growing just take a look on the internet and you will find thousands of them now.
Bitcoin facile per diversificare il tuo portafoglio, molte banche oggi consigliano di detenere un certo valore in percentuale dei tuoi investimenti in Bitcoin. Sempre piu  considerato come un bene rifugio al pari dell’oro. Pur non essendo in nessun modo un consiglio finanziario era giusto darvi questa informazione  a voi informarci presso i vostri consulenti.
Bitcoin facile con tutte le ATM di Cryptobellos , per maggiori informazioni contattaci qui

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