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What we do

Our Crypto Atm

Our Atm is very well suited for all commercial activities, in shopping centres, tobacconists, newsagents, kiosks and busy places. Get started in just a few steps. The owner of the Atm will have his own dash bord to check the operation of the Atm
For those who want to buy it will be very simple just follow a few steps.

  1. Download our app from the Apple or Google Store and follow the instructions. You are now ready for the second step.
  2. Take cash with you, insert it into the Atm and choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy. Make sure you have set up a digital cryptocurrency wallet with a working QR
  3. Follow the simple steps on the screen and complete the transaction in a few minutes.
Vendor crypto atm front
Vendor crypto atm side left
Vendor crypto atm side right
Vendor crypto atm upper side left
Vendor crypto atm upper side right


All digital currencies are a form of cryptocurrency that operates on its own blockchain, it can be used like traditional money, many realities accept it for the purchase of goods and services. Coins can be mined via proof of work or proof of stake mechanisms.